These three, Inky, Dinesh, & Obediah, are sitting on a wide shelf built especially just for them to see out over the fence and be nosy. They often come here to scope out who is walking by on the sidewalk, or who is getting in or out of their car. They greet me no matter if I am working outside their fence or just getting out of my car! As I open the front door, they are almost inside as fast as I am! Their greetings make me smile.

This is Whiskey! He is a Kurilian Bobtail. He was climbing a Rhododendron bush to nowhere fast!

…for the love of warm fur and soft purrs…

This little ladder I pulled from someone’s trash. It was not good enough for my weight to stand on, but… for the kitties… a little bit of repair with screws and glue on split wood plus a bracket and then some paint, it even provided a bed up off the ground for Oleg. There is still one very tiny bed for a small cat than a Maine Coon at the top stair, but it might never get used.

Tucker a Maine Coon I bought from a breeder in PA. He got kitty FIP and a relapse as well. In the end, God allowed for him to pull through and live. I will one day put his story up.

This is my polydactyl front paws only pussy cat! He is just the sweetest babay, until he feels like picking on somebody! There is one poor pariah in the pack. When all other ctas got a nasty cold which they kept passing around and around… this boy never even sneezed! He did not get sick! On the other hand, one day I just happened to feel his neck and there was a large swollen gland it turned out to be! The Vet could not find a reason but for a pulled whisker like hole on his whisker pad. Maybe a claw had gotten him. She put him on clavamox which he took for seven days and then started throwing it up. I took hi off of it. The vet asked did I want to try him on something new? NO, I would take the chance that seven days was enough. In the end, it was! His neck gland no longer swollen.

“Pretty nice place don’t you think?” “Yeah, I guess, but I was hoping for a bit of fishin not some silly rubber ducky sliding by.”

Nothing like the rolling trickle and chatter as the water runs by like a brook… tantilzingly cool and clear, worthy of a sip…

This is called a “pondless waterfall”. That is because there is a reservoir below the stones that stores the water for return back to the beginning of the falls. If it rains hard, the water may come up above the rocks but no one will easily drown in this situation, I put candles in the lanterns that turn on at dusk…

I bought a “Cat Wheel” for them. CLICK > on the bottom of the PHOTO for a video VIDEO CLIP. Some use it others don’t. Several of them really like it. Kaluha does for certain! Late on a summer evening she can be heard running she gets off then soon she comes back to get on and run again. Why does she have a bell? Well, she used to jump up onto the lowest roof and get down some way finally into the yard. She also used to run out the door. They bells when they pull that stunt because I don’t have eyes in the back of my head and cannot always see what’s happening on the floor at my feet.

“Rascal” is truly my rascally boy and named ever so properly! He is a Kurilian Bobtail as well. Their hind legs are longer than their front legs. This enables them to jump straight up in the air five or six feet. They are avid hunters and it is advised in Russia that a farmer have one to kill rats and snakes if needed! Rascal is searching for a weak point in my tree limb wiring! He did not find one.

Isn’t she a Foxy Girl? She has lovely black ‘elbow-length’ fur-looking gloves on her front legs! All you can see here is her toes! “Foxy” is a sedate gal, quiet, seeking out a lap or my legs when propped up, and she wants to be in touch.

I search to provide numerous areas for any kitty to be by themselves, in the sun, in the shade, somewhere high or someplace low… and almost anything will do, they are not so particular that it must be “new”! An oval tabletop attached to the side of the tree trunk gives a scoping view of the sidewalk and the postman!

All cats love to climb, of course. A friend offered some cedar logs from their place because they would have a longer life in them then other wood. They are great from the claw scratching point of view, and the logs from atop are even greater for another view aloft the top.

I brought home old pallets for free wood as it is quite sturdy being oak and what I don’t use, I can burn in the stove. I built a little shelter in case of rain, for the dampness of the ground under it when it is extremely hot. On my way home from work I saw a cut-down tree. There were a couple pieces that looked like “doorways”. Perhaps I can design a cat’s hobbit house? I found huge pieces of bark that might make for nice siding! Yes, I will have to do some preservation of them. I bought Tung oil for that.

These two old Adirondack chairs are under the trees just outside the kitchen windows. It is shady and entertaining. There are birds flitting about up in those limbs! “Kahlua” loves watching the birdies!

I have planted here a Weeping Pine and a Blue Atlas which are both over twenty years old. They are just outside our kitchen table windows. Yes, the cats can climb them, but only so high! I got up on ladders and from the fence side, I strung two-foot and four-foot chicken wire, which I floated through the branches over to the rain gutter and attached it so no one could get to the roof nor go too high. I used nylon ties to bring the pieces together on either side of the trunks. I also spray-painted the chicken wire with Rustoleum black matt. It does a wonderful job of making it almost invisible.

In the cool of the evening, this is a wonderful place to unwind.

This is one of my favorite views of the Cat Garden from the middle room after moving an aquarium to the floor. I can open the window and hear the trickle of the water gurgling, falling, flowing peacefully and sweetly…

See that boy up in the balconey? I was driving home and saw him. WHat a great picture that would be so I backed up the car and snapped a photo. By the time I parked and walked in the front door, he was there, had gone inside, down the stairs and waiting at the front door to greet me!

Saffire has always disliked the ‘heat’ ever since she was a wee little 8 week old puppy! QWe have a small child’s pool we put four or five inches of water into for her to go in and cool off. This spring she used a freshly planted rose in a pot of dark top soil and mushroom soil mix as her pool… only she could not get but her front legs in. At first I could not understand where she got that dark mud. I drilled a hole, I dono’t know why the water doesn’t drain out! She saw the water fall and backed into it. I don’t know how satisfactory it was really altbhough she appears……

This is a view from the Balconey that you saw a picture or two ago. Recently (2022 Feb.) Rascal found a small hole in the stair case chicken wire at the top. That boy squeezed through the hole and climbed on top the Balcony and jumped to the roof and was “I’m outta here and free!”

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