The Cat’s Garden…@…LoveCuddleCats.com

…For the love of warm fur & soft purrs…

When the weather is sunny and warm, white clouds float under reflected blue sky, when the breezes are passing by bending frocks, the cats and I love it out here. It is tranquil, may be even safe to say a bit like heaven on earth as I might know it, cool, on the shaded side of our house. They touch base with me for a few moments, return to the steppig stones that take them to the shelf at the front gate where they watch the school children passing by... the kids on the other hand greet the cats, some pull out their cameras and take pictures, grownups in cars slow or stop and do it too!

*Please Note! I have just started this website on 12/30/21! Please bear with me as I go about the construction of the Cats Garden! You might want to come back in a month? I hope to have a lot more designated by then! I didn’t want to have an “under construction” sign drive you away wondering how long has it been under construction, etc.!

Thank you for checking in! ~>^..^<~