A cat’s normal urine pH value is 6 or close to it plus or minus half a number.

If you find your kitty urinating outside the box, and you a small roll of pH paper or a bottle of strips in your cat supplies, the soon you find and check it the more true the result will be and likely give you a little inside imformation. If it tests to be extremely blue (alkaline) pH of 7, 8 +, or exstremely acidic pH 5 or 4 or lower, you may also want to have some pipetts on hand to draw of a specimen for the Vet ofr let them draw a specimen for the animal bladder. Call and ask them how they want you to store it or should you bring it before appointment. If pH is normal and litter boxes are clean, this behavior could even be an indication of crystals and stones. You can buy these things of Amazon no excuse or Rx needed. Be sure to shop for the best price, not just the first thing hyou see!

I used to work with fish aquariums, treating their diseases and looking for cures as well as a little bit of breeding. I read books, shopped for the meds to treat the tank and learned a lot about pH in this field. I learned about bacteria’s and pH changes they can produce in aquariums when there is an over abundance of a particular bacterium on the tank. It was even amazing to me how doing a large water change could really rock the boat and set off a losing battle for the previously establish equality that was needed to keep balance. I enjoy Biology, A & P, Cancer research, what the various treaments do to the cancer and the fact that there is a blood- Brain barrier that is even hard for chemo to get through. A physicians learning is never complately done when there is always something to learn and changes in kinds of treatments due to constant discovery. DeEtta

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