About my blog

For the last twenty-plus years, or since 2002, I have collected stories about my cats. At that time I started out purposefully collecting a dozen. I wanted to watch them interact more or less at the same age range without a lot of pecking order stuff to go through. The oldest lived to be 19.5 years. He fought off dying, he really did! I have a new ‘generation’ now and I am adding their stories. I have probably more stories from the 2nd generation than from the first! I write about what I find interesting. This story takes the prize though in my book! It will be the first on the blog and fall to the bottom of the blog page as time goes by, so I am making this the static page of information. I really hope you enjoy them as much as I have just in watching them unfold!


Truffles, an absolute delight, most of the time.
An absolute delight most of the time.