About me, just another traveler …

Hi there, ~>^..^<~ and welcome to my world, the best parts of it!

I was named DeEtta at birth & I still use that name. It is very easy to say if you know what capital letters stand for.
I am a very independent thinker, a creative type who serves the Lord God and serves Jesus when called upon to do so, say a word, plant a seed, help someone out, do a favor, and pray God saves this nation, as well as get to live in my creative world almost all day long now that I have retired. I really enjoy nature, but especially animals. I love my cats, our dogs, and water life in the aquarium. Once I had a small parrot who lived sixteen years. I just hated the regular clean-up after all those years so I likely won’t do it again, but I was fascinated by that bird’s intelligence. I taught her to “potty” on command if she wanted me to hold her!

I love improvising on the piano adding a touch of jazz. I’ve had 14 years of lessons which I did not start until I was in my late 20s, a time when taking advice seriously was seen as a much wiser thing to do!
At this point in time, living in the last one-third of my life, I cannot hold onto everything I used to think about doing as in, “Oh I want to do that too one day. I have been a form of collector! If it’s pretty, I want to ‘look at that often’, and put it on a shelf or a wall or even plant it in the ground! If it sparkles, I want to wear it on my hands or wrists! If it is colorful, I want just WANT it!

I am a watchful person. I watch ‘relationships’, be it the cats with one another, the dogs, who the cats choose among themselves to relate to, who is afraid of the dogs and to what length will they go to get around them? I watch people too, who are the Real ones who wear their heart on the sleeve? who are the selfish ones who are just as plain to see! Who doesn’t hide? Who is trustworthy? How long will it take to learn they cannot stand simply speaking the truth and when thet pull dishonesty on me I will call them on it, not ignore it as so many are want to do to avoid conflict. Who will become an enemy and who is really a fraud? Who will remain a friend to the end, and so far none! Then the fact remains that Jesus who claims to stick closer than a brother is the only one worth trusting. My pets are so much different than people! Some think cats are snobs. This is so not true! If a person doesn’t push it, they will choose the timing and see it through to the end of their lives, always trusting me finally.

I enjoy learning psychology, watching people and listening to people stories, true stories mostly. Because I have worked in the medical world in hospitals most all of my life, I enjoy stories by physicians about their cases, their observations, their troubles, their fears and stories of their favorite clients as well life in their specialties such as psychiatric, organ transplants and even those of general practicianers. I enjoy stories of those who have a walk with the Lord, their answered prayers and maybe even growth spurts as well as sharing our pain.

Where do I find the time for all I love to do? Well,… I cannot tell you how many years ago I watched the TV. I was raised in a Mennponite world where such a thing was not allowed in the home for its evil influence. I shake my head because there was little such evil to be seen! Now it is overwhelming from what I hear. I don’t watch TV. I do on occassion look on line at news, but I don’t watch movies etc. I love radio! I like to track politics and lots of good Christian speakers. I learn so much about God as the preachers teach Bible and Bible history. I listen to audible books. there is just too miuch creative things I can be doing with my eyes!!! I call these my projects,. maybe to build sometimes and save myself some money, build a garden for the cats! Try gardening to raise food.

I am venturing towards living off the land a little more planting fruit trees and a real garden, and hoping I get it right this year!

I enjoy talking to people and having a little fun, laughing and sharing life experiences. I like learning and sharing Wisdom, it is something I read in the Bible is the best thing to acquire so back in my twenties when I was in great deal of emotional and mental pain, I prayed for wisdom. I read lot of wise self health books, a lpot of them from Christian writers, I was eventually counseled which brought me to seek maturity, healthy thinking, good emotional health, and Spiritual truth according to the written word, not what people said it was. I was one of those very bothered by what other people think. I am sure I am still bothered by it but I have learned to rely on the Holy Spirit. What does He think of my actions and words and deeds as well as value a verse that is so often ignored it seems because I hear no one speak of it! Christians are the ones most obviously caught up in this. I guess they have not discovered this wonderful truth! So because I hate to see people bound by the dear, I become a cattle prod! I want people to think! Not just go along with whatever someone ‘well-liked’ or ‘strong’ or called “pastor” thinks or preacher! I am not perfect this I know and sin still resides in me till I die even though my sin is paid for by the Blood of the sacraficial lamb. Hoesty is so lacking in our culture and I hated the emptiness of so manhy people’s words especially when a person was our of sight and the truth was finally told but behind the one who needed to hear it, back. So I prod and poke at people who aren’t thinking about anyone but themselves. I hope its mostly because I care about them. I admit sometimes its not.

https://www.biblegateway.com › verse › en › Matthew 10:28 “The One to fear is He who can destroy you, soul and body, in the fires of hell. Don’t be afraid of those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul. Rather, fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in Gehenna. Do not fear people who can kill the body. They cannot kill the spirit.”

About me, just another traveler …

The farm I started my earthly walk on. This was the meadow where I felt my first experience of being barefooted & stepped in a warm pile of “cow plop” for not watching my feet for where I was going!
This is another one of the areas in under the troughs, the cats curled up…
There was clearly prep underway for new wallpaper and a place to keep the peeps until time to put them in their own house.

Faded memories of years 1953 to 1960 so long gone by, and now 2022 June, we have buried multiple aunts and uncles, at least 5 and one remains, taking care of her husband now dwelling in dementia, the Grandma’s farm is being dispersed, what is left of it, and it is such a sad occassion to see that none of it will survive after this house is sold. The farm land was sold to housing developers, the barn to another owner and now the last surviving child who lived there as passed.. found at his bed side, kneeling in prayer as he must have asked to be taken, as he had recently told me, “I want to get this over with,” so clearly he knew something big was ary. Cancer of the pancreas in some way that made his liver enzymes very high. He moved about the house with restless nights and was planning on going for a second opinion the day he was found, after extracting a promise from his sister of no hospitalization. I believe God just took him at his request. It makes me cry that his faith was rewarded in such a spectacular way! OTherwise he would have died overa mcouploe more to a weeks worth of days most probably, then gasping for his last breath

I was a first-born little girl brought home from the hospital to live on a farm where I sp5ent my time for the next eight years. I was an adventurer, not too far from the house because I didn’t want to get lost! I followed my dad about, learned from him to whistle or at least how to purse my lips, in the milk house. I also watched dad feed the barn cats milk poured into a community bowl, and sometimes a spray straight from the cows teet if the cat was slick enough to catch it! The barn was my favorite place to hang out. As I explored, I found a lid that was not too heavy to lift, and in it was some sort of powdered feed. Maybe for the calves, I really don’t know to this day but I can tell you this, I found live little mice in there! There was a nest of them. I picked one up by the tail. That squirrely little thing was slick enough to twist and curve its body up enough to bring its mouth right up to my finger and bite me, it did! Instantly I dropped it of course and I do not remember doing that again for years!

Upstairs in the hay-mal of the barn, the cats found that the hay and straw bales afforded them various tunnels to burrow into and keep warm and in the spring have babies in the areas where there was a decent size space between bale corners. Bales are staggered like bricks on top of one another when they are put up for storage so that they stay put much better. Sometimes the mama cats lucked out!

Down in the barn, the baby calf had deep straw to lay in and curl up for warmth, and the kitties made holes in the straw for beds in under the troughs. They looked so cozy I wanted such a bed myself. But I was so big next to the size of a cat! I must have tried it once in the same stall as a little calf because I believe I saw a picture that my dad took of me settled in with a calf!

Barns do not have heaters, or my dad’s did not as I can recall in that day. Those large cows threw off enough heat to warm the air enough for themselves and the straw warmed a layer before the floor.

Here is a little tidbit of information for you to ponder when you are at a party as well. A friend told me that for every person in a room, each is the equivalent of a 100 watt light bulb. Did you ever pay attention in the summer to how warm a room can get with a lot of folks in it?

I guess it was after we discovered we would not have children that I started collecting and enjoying pets! I really didn’t want to nurture people so much! I deas are planted and thought about and then either thrown out or acted upon! I met a girl, the office secretary at my chiropractor’s office, who influenced me. I was amazed to learn that she had something like seven or eight cats in her house! She eventually let them go outside, but she lived in the country and it was safe to do this. That is when the seed was planted, much to the chagrin of my husband. In 2002, I set about to have a multi-cat household.

I had heard about problems with multi-cat households and I didn’t want to run into those problems, or, if I did I wanted to know just what to do. I shopped on Amazon and bought probably a dozen or more books to start.

I put up the covers of many of the books I have on another page here. The oldest just passed in October of 2021 at 19.5 years old. I buried him in the cat yard. I absolutely HATE it that our beloved pets pass before me, but there is nothing I can do to bring longer life so I accept it. I did discover a book called “Cold Noses at The Pearly Gates” by a man named Gary Kurtz. I found it really interesting and he made some points that seemed so commonsensical if you know the God of the Bible and what this book says! The truth is in the book of Genisis.

When my first group of cats became elderly and started dying, I could not bear to wait until they all died, and I am glad I did not wait in light of how long the oldest, “Precious”, lived! He was born 2002 and died late 2021. About 19.5 years. So in 2018, I started looking for a kitten after losing one of the closest to my heart, kitties. You might say, ‘how can I have a favorite?’, it depends on how they weave themselves into your heart! It is their choice and how often they touch base and love on you. Because Samson had Maine Coon in him despite his very small frame, I decided the next group would be mostly Maine Coons. And so it is. I have Maine Coons and Kurilian Bobtails. Bobtails clearly have the energy that Maine Coons do not! Because I still had a few ‘elders’ living, and they tended to stay upstairs in the middle room which has a garden window and climbing places for cats, I decided to make a ‘balcony’ for them to go out on. They did a little bit. But elder cats seem to start aging even faster as the months go by.

As in all adventures or ideas, all it takes is a suggestion, a thought, and pondering it, ideas will multiply! Under where the balcony was to go, there was plenty of yard for cats. This area is on the north side and I do not have a lot of windows in this old house. I had only one. Our house is the equivalent of a narrow row home, I had an aquarium in that window for so many years I cannot remember it being a window! As the cat yard developed, I had to make a way to see out the middle room window. So I sat the aquarium on the floor where the cats get to watch the angelfish or whatever thrives there, right in front of their eyes. Certain ones do enjoy it.

I enjoy seeing the cats enjoy what I make for them, toys I get them, food and treats I feed them, and what I plant for them outside. After 18 years of scooping litter boxes, I found that I ‘wasn’t tired of it yet! (Unlike how I felt after the bird died I realized I had had enough cleaning up after a bird for 16 years.) So I am now into round two, of my ‘second generation’ of a multi-cat household, I have many observations and many stories. I thought that I will blog them here over time because it seems so often I am amused by something I notice and maybe you will be too! Perhaps you will be entertained or enlightened as well. They are just such individuals with character each to their own. Think me weird if you like, but I think they understand my English pretty well. After reading a book, “Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates” by Gary Kurz I was surprised that I had never thought of this. Maybe it was because once sin came into the world everything changed and I lumped everything under that banner? I don’t know but I felt that cats understood a lot of conversation directed at them, Now I think it even more now but that their response is hampered by the lack of ability to speak words. See the short story about “Tressa”.

I held on tight when up on that tractor looking down the big wide gaps with little floor to stand upon! All so huge is so scary to a samll child under seven years old
There isn’t much of anything solid between the tractor seat and the earth below! I doubt I hardly !moved
Way down there behind those cows was a very small creek. I was immediately attracted to it and the woods behind on either side. I never wandered anywhere that I could not see the barn so I could get home
My father was fascinated by the fact that airplanes could fly. To this day I could sit at a busy airport and watch them land and take off.. Now I would wonder how many illegal immigrants Biden’s Regime is bringing in…