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…For the love of warm fur & soft purrs…

This lanky Maine Coon was auditioned as having the facial look of a “Lion”
and of course, then, that’s his name!
When the weather is sunny and warm white clouds float under a reflected blue sky. When the breezes are passing through bending ther ferns frocks we, cats and I, love it out here. It is tranquil, maybe even safe to say a bit like 'heaven on earth' and in the eastcoast humid summer, it's a bit cooler, on this northern shaded side of our house. The cats touch base with me for for acknowledgement or attention and return to their adventures on the many steppig stones that take them to the higher view shelf at the front gate or over to the newly cut off tree stump where they watch the school children and fully feel the breezes passing thru... the kids, on the other hand, greet the cats, and if they see me, ask for their names, and some pull out their camera phones and take a picture. Others talk to them while picking out the ones they like, even grownups in cars slow down, back up, stop, and take a shot or two! I smile, I am glad all is well bringing smiles in this small part of the world.