About me, I’m just another person traveling through…

Hi there, ~>^..^<~ I was named DeEtta at birth & I still use that name. It is very easy to say if you know what capital letters stand for.
I am a very independent thinker, a creative type who serves the Lord God and serves Jesus when called upon to do so as well as get to live in my creative world almost all day long now. I really enjoy nature, but especially animals. I love my cats and our dogs, we once had a small parrot who lived sixteen years. I just hate the regular clean-up of seeds etc.. after all those years so I likely won’t do it again, but I was fascinated by that birds’ intelligence. I love improvising on the piano adding a touch of jazz. I’ve had 14 years of lessons which I did not start until I was in my late 20s, a time when taking advice seriously was seen as a much wiser thing to do!
At this point in time, living in the last one-third of my life, I cannot hold onto everything thinking, Oh I want to do that too someday. I have been a form of collector! If it’s pretty, I want to ‘look at that often’, and put it on a shelf or a wall or even plant it in the ground! If it sparkles, I want to wear it on my hands or wrists! If it is colorful, I want to put it on my wall or in my aquarium which I have sitting on the floor for my cats to enjoy too. I have two young angelfish, one is a beautiful velvet black and the other a yellow gold. I hope they become a pair! I am a watchful person. I watch ‘relationships’, be it the cats with one another, the dogs, the cats relate to, or go far around the dogs! I watch people, who are real, who is trustworthy, who is Real, or who may become an enemy or who is a fraud? I enjoy learning from psychology and books about true lives and life stories as well as exchanging the Christian ‘walk’ and experience of others. I cannot tell you how many years ago I watched TV. I don’t. There are too many creative things to do, projects to build to save a little money, and items to make life just a little better! Like today, I want to go to the basement where I have my grow lights and build a surface much closer to the lights so the new plants don’t get as leggy as they did last year! I want a successful garden this year, not the flop I had last year so I have done some more research and plan to get this right! I am venturing towards living off the land, our backyard because this present administration is trying to steer us in a very bad direction. I think I will build a small chicken coop too if I can find enough pallets to do the trick. I enjoy talking to people and having a little fun. I like sharing Wisdom, it is something I read in the Bible is the best thing to acquire so back in my twenties when I was in so much emotional and mental pain, I prayed for wisdom. I read, counseled, sought maturity, emotional health, Spiritual truth according to the written word, not what people said.. and value a verse that is so often ignored, especially by so many who fear what other people think of them! Why? I guess they have not discovered this wonderful truth! I am then also a cattle prod! I want people to think! Not just go along with whatever someone ‘well-liked’ or ‘strong’ thinks, says, or preaches. So I prod sometimes, I guess it’s because I care about them.

https://www.biblegateway.com › verse › en › Matthew 10:28  “The One to fear is He who can destroy you, soul and body, in the fires of hell. Don’t be afraid of those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul. Rather, fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in Gehenna. Do not fear people who can kill the body. They cannot kill the spirit.”

I was a first-born little girl brought home from the hospital to live on a farm where I spent my time for the next eight years. I was an adventurer, not too far from the house because I didn’t want to get lost! I followed my dad about, learned from him to whistle or at least how to purse my lips, in the milk house. I also watched dad feed the barn cats milk poured into a community bowl, and sometimes a spray straight from the cows’ teet would be offered if the cat was slick enough to catch it!

The barn was my favorite place to hang out. As I explored, I found a lid that was not too heavy to lift, and in it was some sort of powdered feed. Maybe for the calves, I really don’t know to this day but I can tell you this, I found live little mice in there! There was a nest of them. I picked one up by the tail. That squirrely little thing was slick enough to twist and curve its body up enough to bring its mouth right up to my finger and bite me, it did! Instantly I dropped it of course and I do not remember doing that again for years!

Upstairs in the hay-mal of the barn, the cats found that the hay and straw bales afforded them various tunnels to burrow into and keep warm and in the spring have babies in the areas where there was a decent size space between bale corners. Bales are staggered like bricks on top of one another when they are put up for storage so that they stay put much better. Sometimes the mama cats lucked out!

Down in the barn, the baby calf had deep straw to lay in and curl up for warmth, and the kitties made holes in the straw for beds in under the troughs. They looked so cozy I wanted such a bed myself. But I was so big next to the size of a cat! I must have tried it once in the same stall as a little calf because I believe I saw a picture that my dad took of me settled in with a calf!

Barns do not have heaters, or my dads did not as I can recall in that day. Those large cows threw off enough heat to warm the air enough for themselves and the straw warmed a layer before the floor.

Here is a little tidbit of information for you to ponder when you are at a party as well. A friend told me that for every person in a room, each is the equivalent of a 100 watt light bulb. Did you ever pay attention in the summer to how warm a room can get with a lot of folks in it?

I guess it was after we discovered we would not have children that I started collecting and enjoying pets! I really didn’t want to nurture people so much! I deas are planted and thought about and then either thrown out or acted upon! I met a girl, the office secretary at my chiropractor’s office, who influenced me. I was amazed to learn that she had something like seven or eight cats in her house! She eventually let them go outside, but she lived in the country and it was safe to do this. That is when the seed was planted, much to the chagrin of my husband. In 2002, I set about to have a multi-cat household.

I had heard about problems with multi-cat households and I didn’t want to run into those problems, or, if I did I wanted to know just what to do. I shopped on Amazon and bought a lot of books and I keep doing so. You can see my cololection here under books.

The oldest cat I have ever had just passed in October 30 th 2021 at 19.5 years old. I buried him in the cat yard. I absolutely HATE it that our beloved pets pass in such few short years in comparison to us. There is nothing I can do to bring longer life to them so I accept it. I give them all I know. I did discover a book called “Cold Noses at The Pearly Gates” by a man named Gary Kurtz. I found it really interesting and he made some points that seemed so commonsensical if you know the God of the Bible and have read his view on the animal.and what this book says! The truth is in right there in the book of Genisis!

When my first group of cats became elderly and started dying, I could not bear to wait until they all died, and I am glad I did not wait in light of how long “Precious”, lived! He was born 2002 and died late 2021. In 2018, I started looking for a kitten after losing one closest to my heart of the calisivirus. Maybe one day I will post that story. It is very painfu;l to me. You might say, ‘how can I have a favorite?’, it depends on how they weave themselves into your heart! It is their choice and how often they touch base and love on you. Because Samson had Maine Coon in him despite his very small frame, I decided the next group would be mostly Maine Coons. And so it is. I have Maine Coons and Kurilian Bobtails. Bobtails clearly have the energy that Maine Coons do not! It is a nice mix if I say so myself! Because I still had a few ‘elders’ living, and they tended to stay upstairs in the middle room which has a garden window and climbing places for cats, I decided to make a ‘balcony’ for them to go out on. They did a little bit. But elder cats seem to start aging even faster as the months went by. This sudden dying of so mayny of my cats with in three years, I have to tell you that it is one of the downsides of getting a bunch of them in the same year. But I did this so that they would hopefuly better get along! I think it worked.

As in all adventures or ideas, all it takes is a suggestion, a thought, and pondering it, when the ideas multiply you know you have to take it on! Under where the balcony was to go at the only window on the north side of the secind floor, there was plenty of yard for cats. This area is on the north side and I do not have a lot of windows in this old house. I had only one on the first floor. Our house is the equivalent of a narrow row home, I had an aquarium in that window for so many years that I cannot even remember it being a window! It was boring to look out of too! As the cat yard developed, I had to make a way to see the Garden out the middle room window. So I sat the aquarium on the floor where the cats get to watch the angelfish or whatever fish thrives there, right in front of their eyes. Certain ones do enjoy it. Otherwise they can get on top of the aquarium and peer out the window too.

I enjoy seeing the cats enjoy what I make for them, toys I get them, food and treats I feed them, and what I plant for them outside. After 18 years of scooping litter boxes, I found that I ‘wasn’t tired of it yet! (Unlike how I felt after the bird died. I had enough after 16 years of cleaning up feathers, seeds and whatever else shook down to the floor!) So I am now into round two, of my ‘second generation’ of the multi-cat household! I have many observations and many stories. I thought that I will blog them here over time because it seems so often I am amused by something I notice and maybe you will be too! Perhaps you will be entertained or enlightened too. They are just such individual and personality-interesting characters!